Video Essay Assignment

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Video Essay Assignment

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In order to recognize the importance of audiovisual language and cinematography to our exploration of Hispanic Cinema throughout the semester, students will work in groups of two to create a two-four minute video essay focused on one or two specific cinematography term(s) from the glossary of Cinegogía that we have explored this semester. Using iMovie, screen shots, and voice-over narration, coupled with sound, or music, students will narrate the use of the cinematographic term either back lighting, close-ups, panning, filming from below, etc. The students will use a range of examples from various films that exemplify the term: for example, the use of close-ups (with screen shots from Pelo Malo, and Ixcanul); or may choose to closely explore two terms and their use in one film - to explain the use of the term to their audience, and how it becomes a tool in the language of cinema, as well as how it works in the particular film(s) that the student chooses to explore.

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Michelle Leigh Farrell, Fairfield University



Video Essay Assignment

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