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Videographic Scholarship / Crítica videográfica

Videographic criticism allows us to not simply write on films, but with them. Using tools made possible via increasingly accessible technologies, practitioners use digital sound and moving images to construct arguments in ways that emerge or diverge from the possibilities of the written essay. Videographic criticism employs approaches from the explanatory to the poetic. This emerging mode of critical analysis and scholarship is increasingly being used in the classroom, as well. The contents of this section of Cinegogia are meant not to define its pedagogical possibilities, but rather these materials show some of the ways in which videographic criticism is being integrated into the classroom studying Latin American film and media studies. - Nicolas Poppe, Middlebury College

What does videographic criticism look like?

Here a few recent examples in Spanish and English that focus on Latin American cinema. 

Workshops & Resources

Ready to get involved? Here are some professional development and networking resources that can help you find colleagues who are interested in videographic criticism. 

Publication Venues for Videographic Criticism

Further Reading

Want to learn more? Below are some recent publications about videographic criticism and possible directions for the future of the field.