"I believe that there is not just one Latin American cinema, just as there is no single Brazilian cinema. There are cinemas; made of sometimes contradictory currents that often collide, yet come together in a desire to portray our realities in an urgent and visceral manner." Walter Salles (Preface, The Cinema of Latin America)

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Chasqui, an academic journal devoted exclusively to Latin American literature in the sense of bringing together research on both the Spanish-speaking republics of the continent and Brazil, is now seeking film reviews (approximately 1000 words) of Latin American films (either fiction films or documentaries) or films dealing with Latin America, released in the last three years. Please submit your review to Contributors to Chasqui must be subscribers at the time their reviews are published.


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Argentina, 1985

Un drama inspirado por la historia verdadera del fiscal Julio Strassera, el joven abogado Luis Moreno Ocampo, y su equipo legal inexperto quienes,…


La vida es silbar

Bebé, una joven de 18 años relatará la vida de personas en La Habana: Mariana, una joven bailarina ninfómana; Julita, una mujer madura que oculta un…