Transgressive Gazes across the Americas


Title / Título (Original)

Transgressive Gazes across the Americas

Description / Descripción

By tracing a women centric social, geo-political, cultural, historical, cinematic map, we will be looking at the praxis of key women filmmakers across the Americas. From Alanis Obomsawin, to Arlene Bowman, to Ann Marie Fleming, to Amanda Strong in Canada to Chicana filmmakers in the US (i.e. Lourdes Portillo, Sylvia Morales), to Latin American filmmakers (Marta Rodriguez [Colombia]), Patricia Ferreira Yxapy [Brazil], Lucrecia Martel [Argentina]), we will examine the intersectional politics evidenced in their films. This examination will feature discussions grounded in critical approaches to, and analyses of, the historical, theoretical, political, social, economic, and cultural framework of these filmmakers. We will also be revisiting concepts from film theory, such as cult theory and auteur theory, which are traditionally centred around the Euro-Western white male imaginary, in order to subvert, transgress, and redefine film theory from a women and women of color perspective. By deconstructing some of the dominant, oppressive discourses and colonial systems that provoked the counter-narratives and resistance manifest in various women made cinematic works, our goal is to expand our understanding of film culture.

Region / Región

Abya Yala / Indigenous Americas
Latin America / Latinoamérica
U.S. Latino

Creator / Creador(a)

Sarah Shamash, Emily Carr University



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