Audiovisual Essay Assessment Rubric


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Audiovisual Essay Assessment Rubric

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Assessment rubric used for evaluating audiovisual essays produced by students in the course "From Cinema to Society: Understanding Europe through Film" (Fall 2019). Assignment Prompt: This assignment aims at developing your audiovisual analytical skills following an undergraduate research method. Your essay can be produced in two media: written or audiovisual. The written version follows the conventions of a written academic article at undergraduate level and you need to submit it through Turnitin. The second version—the essay produced as an audiovisual product—follows recent developments in film scholarship towards videocriticism (an audiovisual form of film scholarship) and you need to upload it to a designated folder in the course’s google drive or provide a URL. You only produce one essay in one medium. In any of these versions of the essay, you need to choose a topic, familiarize yourself with publications on your topic and similar films/scenes, and develop a sustained argument about one or two films adopting a relevant approach for this course (see bibliography on how to write about cinema in our e-learning platform). Your work should offer some original insight on a topic and should engage with previous scholarship and film history. The audiovisual essay is accompanied by a process journal. Please find some bibliographic references below.

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María Mercedes Vázquez Vázquez, The University of Hong Kong


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