Inmigración en el cine


Title / Título (Original)

Inmigración en el cine

Description / Descripción

This course is designed for students taking an intermediate to advanced Spanish course with focus on Hispanic culture and language through film. Undoubtedly, films are a rich source of meaningful cultural information and students can come to understand much about a country’s culture through the discussion and analysis of films. The combination of sound, image and language provided by the films engages and stimulates students’ senses and cognitive faculties simultaneously. Films will be selected from a variety of Hispanic countries, emphasizing the connection between language, culture, society and visual representation. The main topic or theme of this course will be the representation of ‘migration’ in the Hispanic Contemporary Films: women, slavery, trafficking, displacement and groups of people traveling from Spain to Latin America, from Africa to Spain and other itineraries.

Region / Región

Spain / España
Latin America / Latinoamérica

Cinematic Period / Periodo cinematográfico

Films taught / Películas

Creator / Creador(a)

Zulema Moret, Grand Valley State University



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